“The Desk”

A Short Synopsis of



Great Grandmother at her desk

One Desk, Three Women, Three Eras, One Earth

Deep within the heartwood of a small oak writing desk is a secret that influences three women, each writing a century apart, yet timelessly connected by the family desk.

On a sleepless night in at her mountain homestead in Northern California in 2010, Christie is beckoned by the desk she’d recently inherited, to come, listen, and write.  As she records the family stories, she finds unexpected partnership and wisdom as she struggles with the future of her homestead, community and the earth.

Great-Grandmother Eliza arrived in California soon after the 1849 Gold Rush, exhausted and powerless. As a young farm woman, she was alarmed at the wanton destruction of California’s native landscape. At her desk, she discovered a mysterious confidence to write, inspire and organize women to protect their families, the oak trees, and the land they love.

Great-Granddaughter Amisha leaves what is left of San Francisco in 2080 and returns to the family homestead at the edge of the planet’s ecological and social collapse. She finds the abandoned desk and a scattering of people who have held on to a simple way of living. As she writes, the desk guides her through time to build a new future.

The Desk speaks of women’s collective power to protect the earth they love, and of three generations of women who reach through time to support each other in doing what must be done.

© All materials copyright Shirley DicKard, 2012 – 2013, except as otherwise noted.

2 thoughts on ““The Desk”

  1. I admire the concept that we are temporary custodians of our planet, holding it in trust for the benefit of generations yet to come


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