Now that Heart Wood is finally published, I’ll be adding to these pages. Please return soon!

p_g10afjmr5gq0451_b  A family Wedding at the Yolo Ranch                 (Emily Hoppin 3rd from left)

(more information to come)


  1. …we need to talk! I am finally getting into the book on the sheriffs Monroe of Yolo County and it will include the power-women of the early 1900s in Woodland, including Emily Hoppin, of course–FINALLY! We spoke before, but sometimes things need to stew for awhile–I gather! Sorry ;/ Is this a Writer-thang? But I find sometimes “procrastination works”! In the meantime, I got my book on the Capay Valley into hardcover and sold all but the last 35-40 in 2015-16 — so NOW I am working on the Woodland book–let’s talk and share! I KNOW my grandfather Sheriff James Monroe worked directly w Emily and her musketeers while he was Supervisor in 1909-1911 and then as sheriff for 28 years beginning in 1911–the year women got the right to vote in CA and the Woodland women got him to move all the booze-n-broads out of town!
    Elizabeth Monroe

    1. Well hello!
      Great to hear from you, and yes, I’m a firm believer that when the time is right….it comes together.
      I’d love to get together and see where our family lineage has crossed paths….
      Several years ago, I visited the Woodland So Pacific RR station, and to my amazement, read on the wall that the first passengers on the new line (on Tuesday A.M. August 8, 2011) included Mrs. Emily Hoppin and Wat Barnes, and Sheriff Monroe and family. I”d love to have been a fly on the wall!

      My own book (The Desk) zig zags through time – the woman’s stories begin in the 1870’s, 1970’s and 2070’s. Currently, I’m focused on the future, which I’ve decided will be the book’s POV. Each woman has an impact on society and the future life of my great-granddaughter. So I’ve set aside my great-grandmother’s story for the time being…but maybe it’s time to pick it up again, who knows?

      Congratulations on your Capay Valley book – I’d love to see it, and am excited to talk Woodland. Emily Hoppin died 1915, after a fiery election as President of the California Association of Women’s Clubs. I believe she served less than 2 months.
      My email is Why don’t we continue the conversation there….
      Thanks for getting in contact again,

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