Emergence  Utah Petroglyph
Utah Petroglyph

I think some beginnings are only recognized in retrospect.   You’ll be amazed at what you’ll be doing, the voice in my head told me.  It’s not even on your radar.  I’d been pondering my up-coming retirement and heard this not once, but many times – usually when meditation had cleared my mind of clutter.

When my sisters visited me in 2008, I read them a short fictional piece I’d written about inheriting the family desk. That was it – one page.  I made a few revisions and put it away.  Later I wrote another short story of an ancient woman obsessed with horrific visions of the future who died holding an acorn to her breast.  In one of those “ah-hah!” leaps, I knew this would be the acorn/oak tree from which the desk would be made.

Family women who wrote on the desk started lining up, starting with my activist Great Grandmother who farmed California’s north central valley after the 1849 Gold Rush, and ending with a present time woman struggling with how to live on a degraded earth. I thought that was it until the “visitation” one night from the future – Amisha, my great-granddaughter.

The mystery held within the family desk currently encompasses three women and the future.  I hope that’s it!  With my ending already in place (see my December 7 post), I have only to cross the desert to bridge the beginning with the ending  (my next post).  As I look back, the beginning of “The Desk” did sneak in under my radar, but now it’s an integral part of my life.  And yes, I am amazed!

(Note: “The Desk” was the former working title for “Heart Wood” before 2020)

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  1. Hi Darlin, FINALLY! Able to respond——-do’nt even ask how quickly I can skew things up! I’ve received both ‘posts’ re; “THE DESK” and have them printed out! Sooo excited for you to send further chapters. I love the book, and find myself wanting to imagine how it will end. In the future??? What a gift you have for words, they ‘come alive’ for me. So proud of you.

    Looking for more.

    Hugs and OXOXOXOX

    All’s well here. Our 8inches of snow are beautiful and so sparkling in the sun. Record breaking for St.George, 2inches of ice covered with fluffy snow. Snowed ALL day on Saturday, big white flakes. That is not new for you, I know, but a real treat for us. I’ve always enjoyed winter, growing up in Missouri.

    R and S will be with us for 5 days at Christmas. With Christmas coming on a Wednesday, Rick can take a couple extra days off. Looking forward to that, for sure.

    More later.

    Much love. R&R

  2. I never understood the native american notion of emerging from a hole in the ground until i was somehow able to broaden the notion of who “we” are. It starts making sense….

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